I'm In The Right - Brochure


We are in the business of hiring replacement vehicles to 'not at fault' parties involved in motor vehicle accidents who temporarily lose the ability to use their own vehicles due to damage caused by those accidents and recovering the hire car costs from the 'at fault' party.

We are able to provide this service because the 'at fault' party is obliged at law to pay the reasonable costs associated with the 'not at fault' party's hire of a comparable replacement vehicle.

So, when you can say “I'm in the Right” and you agree to appoint us as your agent to arrange for the recovery of the hire car costs on your behalf (i.e. usually by engaging lawyers), then we will hire you a vehicle.

You will usually be able to retain that vehicle for the duration of the repair period or until you receive a total loss payout, if your vehicle is written-off.

So long as you are honest and cooperate with us in our efforts to recover the hire car costs from the 'at fault' party and do not otherwise breach the Agreement, then you will not be required to pay the hire car costs out of your own pocket, whether we only recover a portion of those costs or fail to recover any of them.

You will not be required to pay out of your own pocket, any legal costs incurred by us in seeking to recover the hire car costs, regardless of the outcome of our efforts.

It is highly recommended that you read and consider the terms of the Agreement and raise any concerns you may have with your Customer Service Representative before you sign it. Those terms include the following key points.

You will be required to pay any charges incurred whilst you have possession and use of our vehicle e.g. toll charges, cleaning fees if the vehicle is returned in an excessively dirty condition (e.g. if anyone has smoked in the vehicle), parking and traffic infringement notices, accident damage excess if the vehicle is damaged and the cost of refueling it, if you do not do so before you return it.

You are required to provide your credit card details and authorise us to debit your card to pay for all such charges you have incurred.

You will be liable for all loss and damage (i.e. you will lose the benefit of any limitation on your liability) arising from a 'prohibited use' of our vehicle, allowing a 'prohibited person' to drive our vehicle or for the other reasons specified in the Agreement.

What most people who have had a car accident know is that finding a comparable replacement vehicle quickly is not easy and dealing with insurance companies is often an annoying, complicated and time-consuming exercise.

We will give you a car and deal with the insurers so you can be back on the road as soon as possible and not be frustrated by the hire car cost recovery process. This is our service to you!

Our goal is to put you in the position you were in immediately prior to the accident as soon as possible, so you suffer no inconvenience as a result of that accident.

We have a 24-hour, 7 days a week Customer Service Team that can usually arrange a comparable vehicle for you from our large range of exotic, prestige, standard and commercial vehicles with zero upfront cost. We will deliver the vehicle to the place that suits you best and at any time, day or night. We can also usually collect it from wherever is convenient to you.

Not all insurance companies will offer you a replacement vehicle, and the offers made by those that do are inferior to ours, as they do not usually provide comparable vehicles and will give you a replacement vehicle only for a very limited period of time.

We also strive to ensure that our hire car rates are fair and reasonable in that they reflect market rates.

Our vehicle insurance policy is designed to give you the same protection that your own motor vehicle insurance policy provides you. This is because our goal is to ensure that you are not worse off financially by engaging us.

We also have the expertise, should you need it, to provide you with free advice about reputable repairers, reliable towing companies and competent mechanics and to help you maximise your total loss payout if your vehicle is written-off.

We have a good reputation for honesty and high-quality service as is apparent from the testimonials you will find on our website.

To begin the application process call us on 1300 00 4487.